I would like for you to look at the lady on the right. That is a friend of Margie and myself. Her name is Amelia. Her amazing gentleman suitor, John, is behind her with my lovey lady and I completing the picture.

I want to share something about Amelia as well as something we can all learn from her as well.

First, something about Amelia. When she comes to perform at the shows my lovely lady and I host she is very talented. Not only does she have a great voice, but amazing stage presence as well. Margie and I always consider it a blessing to have her join our shows. In addition, she will be debuting a new band soon.

With all of these skills and credentials you could understand if when Amelia watches other performers she could be judgemental or condescending in nature. Thinking “I could do better than that.” If she did, she may very well be in her right to do so.

That, is the furthest thing from her mind. She said something we can all learn from. Last month Amelia attended ‘Summerfest’ which is a musical festival we have here in Milwaukee. As she told me, “I went there as a student.” Paying attention and learning from all the other performers. Some probably were less talented than she, but if she approached the situation with that attitude she would not learn anything. By being both humble and curious she will only get better.

I happen to do the same with other speakers. Learning their stage presence or the way they may present an idea. By approaching life as a student and with an open mind we will come away with more knowledge and more talent.

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