This is me. Believe it or not I’m standing next to a weed. Part of my duties that day at work were to pull all of the weeds out that were growing on the side of the post office. 

This particular weed was about as tall as I am. Its stem was thicker than thumb. It took me lots of sweat and effort. I had to wear 2 pairs of gloves so the thorns would not go into my hand. 

If I would have picked this weed when it was small the effort would have been a lot less. The whole plant could have been picked out of the ground with two fingers. 

What is the point of all this? The same holds true for any of your weeds in life. When you attack any challenge at the onset it is a lot easier to do. Once bad habits get formed they are harder to break. 

Take a look at your garden of life. Do you have some tall weeds to pull? If so, roll up your sleeves and handle them. Then make sure to handle those smaller weeds or challenges. Get them out while they are small and easy to handle. 

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