I wrote something similar to this not to long ago (or as Margie would like to tell you i say ‘the other day’) . It is so important, however, that it bears repeating. 

What is better, to win or to learn? The answer to this could very well be relative. Either way you come out ahead. Do you want to know the powerful truth about this?

Here is the truth, every situation falls into one of these categories. Wins are easy. Things work out as we had hoped, or even better! We feel great. We are rich. We are smiling. In short, life is grand. Learning can be a bit more tricky. Whatever happens to us good or bad we can walk away smarter and better than before the event happened. 

This is not easy to grasp in the situation. Remembering this going in can make our entire life one big victory! 

So let us view everything as either a win or a chance to better ourselves. We will go from victims to victors!

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