This can literally change your life! Earlier this week we discussed the importance of what to focus on. When you are chasing a dream or working on a goal you can meet with all sorts of obstacles. Do not let this distract you. Perhaps you have labored for several days, maybe even weeks and all your efforts were in vain. It can be a tall challenge starting over. That is why it is very important to have a strong ‘why’ or reason to begin. When life throws you a stop sign do just that, stop access the situation learn what you can and move on.

Often we are tempted, myself included, to throw in the towel after what seems like a defeat, but we cannot view life that way. Take the light bulb for example. Mr. Edison tried over 1000 different objects for a filament. If he would have just thought to himself “How can I get cotton to work?”. I might be writing this to you by candlelight or maybe not at all.

Sometimes the way we think is the best is not always so. We often push so hard on the journey we forget to focus on the destination. So keep your goal in mind. If you run into what seems to be a dead end ask yourself “How else could I try this?”. That is why it is often helpful to ‘sleep on it’. Perhaps there is something we missed, a lesson we have yet to learn. Either way if your goal is something you are passionate enough do not give up. Perhaps you need more time, more information or to meet someone new. Just keep trying and keep an open mind. Success is sure to follow. Remember it took Edison over 1000 times, but he changed the world because he didn’t give up and so can you!

Feel free to share this blog post as well as your ideas for staying persistent in the comments below.


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