In this blog we always examine ways to do things better with less stress and more joy. To start the week we are going to do things a little different.  No matter how hard we try to always do what we think is right, to always live up to our own standards and to not make mistakes sometimes we fail at that. It is not being bad, it is called being human.

Let me provide you a few examples from my own life. Yes,  I said a few. Mistakes have a way of coming in bunches even for those of us dedicated to living a life of self-improvement. Lately though mistakes and failures don’t have me cringing or hanging my head, they actually excite me. I’ll get to why after my examples.

First example, I wrote a book called A Happy Life for Busy People great read, check it out by clicking on the title. It is a book about reducing stress and increasing joy. Still sometimes I have a very stressful day and people in public can see the man who wrote the book about happiness is well, unhappy. My relationship is amazing and I am blessed to have a lady who works as hard as I do to keep it that way. On occasion we have our disagreements. It leaves me feeling like I am doing something wrong (which often can be the case).

So why am I not upset and hanging my head about these? There are two very good reasons and if you use them you will never fear making another mistake.  You will never be bothered by trying something and it doesn’t work out. You will be, as a lot of successful people say, failing forward.

Ok so what are the two things that can turn these into events to be excited about? First reason can be explained in the words of  napoleon hill. He said,  “every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit” when you make a mistake or fail as it may seem you are provided with an opportunity to learn. You also are shown an area you have yet to work on.

The second great thing about mistakes? This one I am just learning. Mistakes can be especially painful when you are in the public eye.  Believe me being an author, speaker, bartender and DJ puts you in front of a lot of people. Those very people see you stumble and see you make a mistake. This provides you with a very unique opportunity. To show them two things, how you handle your mistakes and how committed you are to your cause. This is a very important lesson in interpersonal relationships. Show them you will own your mistake, you will apologize and you will take actions to correct it.  You will earn far more respect than if you were “perfect”.

Feel free to share this post and share your ways of handling your mistakes in the comments below.

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