This blog is all about motivation and self-improvement and we will certainly return to that tomorrow. For today I would like to take a moment and give recognition to a person who has changed my life for the better in the most amazing way. Today is my beautiful lady Margie’s birthday. We are celebrating her coming into this world, but trust me when I tell you everyday I celebrate her coming into my life.

In the picture above you see us at my most recent book signing. You will always see her right by my side loving and supporting me. If you happen to know her personally I encourage you to take a second and let her know how much she means to you. One of the most wonderful things about my love is that she is always concerned about others and is seldom aware of what I great difference she makes in the lives of others.

On a more personal note, I just want to let you all know what a difference she has made in mine. A lot of what you read here along with my motivational speaking would not have come about without her help. Baby, I love you for all you do for me and for all we will have in our future. It is your special day, but you really give me the gift.

They say behind every good man is a great woman. A good deal of my greatness must be due to the amazing woman I have behind me. Thank you once again my love.

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