Break Out Of Negativitys Prison

An insanely great post. Free your mind, free yourself!



Negativity acts like jail to your spirit. It traps you in a cell. The bars are made outta frustration, anger, and anxiety. In the world we live in there are those that except the negative things in life and its cool with them. In negativitys prison, you do get 3 hots and a cot.  But are those meals you get in prison nutritious? They might be. Do those meals in prison taste good? Probably not.


In this analogy, negative people are like police. Am i suggesting that the police are negative? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am saying that negative people pull you over, search you to see what you have, then arrest you and hold you subliminally in a negative cell. Have you ever posted a good time on Facebook and had someone comment with their bitter feelings? There’s one example of someone pulling you over and frisking you. They frisk…

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