Pigs, an animal most of us only notice in a childhood film or on our breakfast plate. Very few people I know will stand up and cheer when they receive a side order of bacon. Pork, well it is not the most blood racing of all topics. Even when the pig is still alive they are not regarded as the subject matter of a best seller. If we look at animals or anything in a different light, however it can change our feelings entirely. People looking at pigs when they are babies get soft-hearted and sentimental. We can see pigs riding skateboards in a YouTube video and think to ourselves how smart they are.

In the picture above they have been put in a ring with some sashes on and are racing around a track for an Oreo cookie. People stand and scream and cheer for a winner. They high-five each other if their pig wins. They even buy little pig souvenirs. Here is the funny thing, most of them never go into the barn where the regular pigs are. What is the difference between these two pigs? One has a cookie at the other end and a little bit of training.

How does all of this affect the human race and your and my life specifically? A great deal. People are no different when it comes to other humans than they are with pigs. People often do not notice other people unless they are wearing a uniform or doing something outrageous. They have opinions about certain groups of people or just people in general that only change when they see an extreme example from that group. Quite often, like with the pigs, after the race is over they pay no more attention than they did before it started.

Here is what I am proposing, take a look at opinions you have of groups of people or even people in general. Are there exceptions when there are certain events going on? The special Olympics come to mind. They represent the physical best of the mentally challenged. Still, all mentally challenged people deserve respect. If a pig can become a main event with a sash and some racing skills, what can we all amount to?  In addition to working on our opinions of others work on developing our own skills. What sets us apart from others? What wonderful thing can we do to make the world a better place? Each of us has something inside of us waiting to be set free. Let us develop that so we are not just another ‘pig in the barn’. While we are working on that let us still remember to cheer for the other ‘pigs in the barn’ who have not found theirs yet

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