This week i have spent at the state fair here. It is an event I look forward to all year. I usually spend months deciding who I will go with, what shows I want to see, all that good stuff. I have souvenirs to remind me of the fair throughout the cold winter months. This is something I recommend for everyone.

Pick a yearly event. Preferably one you can do with others. I camping trip, a vacation, even a picnic you all get together at. Why is this such a good idea? As explained above it is something you can use for joy all year round. In the months leading up you can shop for supplies, have fun planning and getting things together. Obviously when the event arrives have as much joy and create as many memories as you can. Take a lot of pictures. I always recommend that. They he preserve the memories.  When the event is over you have plenty of memories to talk about and reflect on.  Maybe even get together with some of the people to recall and laugh about the good times or even begin to plan next year’s. This will fill you with a sense of excitement all through the year! Trust me it has worked for me for the last ten years!

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