Being weak does not necessarily mean being disarmed – Xi

This quote is from a very inspiring friend of mine. She has been having a very rough go of it lately to put it mildly. A lot of personal challenges have been thrown at her all at once. The least of which is she is currently sick. Still with a life filled with what many may see as obstacles, she has turned the tables and asked herself “how can I use this?” which is a very empowering question. Even the most stressful and heart-breaking issue she is dealing with she has used to put the others in perspective. Not only has this amazing woman figured out how to empower her own life, but she has went one step further and used the wisdom she has gained facing all of her challenges to inspire others. She has done so by not only leading by example, but offering words that can motivate and comfort people going through similar situations and just those who know her. Proving even in our most vulnerable states, when we feel the weakest, we are still armed. We may forget the resources we have when others have been taken away. So if you find yourself without money, without a job, or your health is failing, look at what you have left. Look at what you have to use, what you have to be grateful for. Remember the timeless words of my friend Xi, “Being weak does not necessarily mean being disarmed” It was David who killed Goliath.

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