Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel (Photo credit: Marie Carter)

So yesterday we discussed, at length I might add, why it is important not to fear failure when setting goals. So why set a goal in the first place? Why is it necessary and what will it really add to our lives? To answer that question I have a quick experiment for you to try. Before you engage in this experiment I encourage you to finish reading this blog first. first you will need a vehicle of some nature. Either a boat or car will do. now remove the steering mechanism. Either the steering wheel or the rudder. Done? Ok fire up the engine. Now begin to accelerate slowly at first. Feel a bit uncomfortable? A bit out of control? Ok, then go faster! Feeling even more out of control? Then slam the accelerator all the way down!

Obviously I am not really encouraging you to do this, but sadly this is the approach may of us take with our own lives. We have no direction. we are like the ship without a rudder hoping to land safely in a prosperous harbor. The odds are 1 in 100 that we will make it safely anywhere. So when we realize this do we take time and fix the rudder by stepping back and creating a set of goals and direction for our life? No we just start working harder at this and harder at that. essentially just pushing the accelerator all the way down. it is how so many of us seem to be working ourselves into a frenzy and getting nowhere. We really have no idea where we want to go but push to get there faster. Our time and efforts would be far better spent developing a direction for our lives. Then when we push harder we will be able to steer where those actions are leading us. If the thought of going 100 miles per hour down the open road with no way to steer around obstacles in the road frightens you, remember that is essentially what you are doing with your own life if you do not have goals and direction for many different areas of your life. So this weekend take a few minutes and put that steering mechanism back on. Decide where you want to take your career, your relationships, your spirituality and any other area of your life. Perhaps set goals for one year, five years, or even ten years down the road. Then just sit back, shut up and drive your way to success. While others are floundering you are making steady progress toward a predetermined goal.

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