I must say again that one of the best side effects of dedicating my life to the secrets of discovering new ways to uncover joy is the ability to turn things that annoy most people daily into moments of inspiration! As fortune would have it for those of you reading it, you can use my experience to quickly turn things in your life from bringing you stress and annoyance to moments of joy and inspiration. Today’s example…junk mail. We all get it. I see piles of it being recycled at the post office daily. catalogs, advertisements, coupons, charity requests. So how can all of these pieces of paper that keep our mailboxes warm deliver any sort of inspiration? Anyone who follows this blog on a fairly regular basis knows that I am a fan of the law of attraction. It often intertwines with the secret to happiness. For those of you not familiar with the law of attraction in a nutshell it is the theory that like attracts like and that our thoughts go a good way into establishing our reality. So what does all of this metaphysical theory have to do with the add for the local automotive repair shop? It provides us a great reminder of this law and its power. It also gives us a great insight into where we place our focus. Still confused? Let me provide you with a personal example in hopes to tie all of this together. One day I had ordered some energy vitamins from this website geared towards men’s products. Soon there after interesting ads starting showing up in my mailbox. Ads for adventure vacations. Ads for vitamins to give you a little extra energy in the bedroom, even a few letters from ladies who were apparently a little lonely but would gladly be my friend for a small fee. It was obvious, the vitamin site had sold my address. It struck me how this was a great parallel to the law of attraction. When you focus your thoughts in a certain kind of subject matter it is like ordering a product from a catalog. The universe soon starts sending you products similar in fashion. Thinking of how much weight you are gaining and staying upset about it? Perhaps the button may pop off your pants. A shirt you just wore that was shrunk in the dryer fits too tight and must be given away. You weigh to much for the children’s ride at the carnival. What is the power in all of this? It works the opposite way as well. When you start focusing on how grateful you are for a certain friend and all the wonderful things they do for you, you may very well start meeting people of a similar nature or your friends may start to go out of their way to do kind things for you. It also is a great way to shed a light on where are focus is. In the ‘recommended pages’ on my Facebook page which is the equivalent to online junk mail I am an receiving requests for pages with positive quotes, marketing advice, advice for authors. It shows me where my focus is. So next time you pull heaps of junk mail out of your mailbox, ask yourself this important question “What can I learn from this?” and “how can I use this junk to inspire me?” Now, I even have an idea for telemarketers…but I will save that for another day! Have a great weekend my friends!

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