Fill in the rest of this sentence “Wow I sure wish I was better at ___” For each one of us it could be a million different answers. When I was growing up I admired several different actors in the movies, singers in bands. I always thought “Man, if I could just be more like __” In your daily life how many times do you catch yourself saying this? Or at the very least thinking it? There are so many skills and traits that would be fun to master. Adding new skills and refining other skills and traits does a number of amazing things for us. First, as we discussed yesterday it makes us more valuable. If you can speak two languages you are more of an asset than a person who can only speak one. Also once you develop a new skill in will give you a much greater sense of accomplishment and an urge to do more. So the obvious question that becomes, “how do we learn these traits?” well certainly to some extent that would depend on the trait which you are trying to develop. With the advent of the internet and a library or bookstore in every city the resources are endless. Watch a movie on the subject. Listen to a cd from and expert. read a book or listen to an audio book. check out a website. The best part about this learning is it is nothing like the learning we experienced in school. This type of learning will be fun. We pick the subject, we pick the medium we learn best in. As we become closer to our goal and notice changes and bits of knowledge we are picking up we gain momentum! That is powerful. Gain enough momentum and you can push past limits you thought were out of sight. So decide what you would like to learn today. Something fun, something that excites you, something that stirs your passion and choose how you would like to learn about that subject. Just getting started will get the juices flowing as you continue on closer to your goal is just keeps getting better!

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