Today marks the first day of our state fair.  A celebration of food, fun and music.  It runs eleven days and is my favorite time of the year.  I stressed this in an earlier blog, but each one of us needs such a time.  Having something you look forward to each and every year helps us get through the obstacles in life.  Whether it is a yearly birthday celebration, a family vacation, a camping trip with friends.  Having some event to look forward to keeps us focused on a pleasurable aspect of life, which makes the challenges a little more bearable.  I suggest each one of us decide which thing we look forward to and write it down.  Make plans involving it.  When you have a particularly rough day, spend some time thinking about your fun activity.  Maybe look at new tents, create a photo album from years past you can reminisce about all the good times you have had and all the good times to come. Just another way to stay focused on something positive.  Oh, and if you see me at the fair and mention this blog post, your next beer is on me! Stay positive my friends!

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