In yesterday’s post we spoke of vision.  Why is it important?  How do we develop it?  Why bother?  Let us tackle the first question, ‘Why is it important?’  I can best describe this by using a story I heard about two different ships.  On the first one, we pick a destination, map out a course fill it with a capable crew and an outstanding captain.  Now, keeping the destination in front of them nine times out of ten it will get where it sets out to go.  True that along the way the map might need to be adjusted and the crew may need to be replaced, but it will arrive where it was destined to.  Now let us take a second boat, but on this book we will not say where it is going, we will not give them a map.  There will be new crew and therefore no need of a captain.  We will just fire up the engine and let it go.  How far out of the dock do you think that ship will go?  Where will it end up?  This may seem like an extreme example, but ask ten people where there goal is to end up in 5 years, 10 years or even 20.  Then ask then what their plan is for getting to that destination.  Very few will have a concrete, worthwhile goal in mind and even less will have a plan to get there.  There is another, more fun reason to do this.  Rewards.  How, if we don’t know where we are going do we know if we are getting any closer?  Where is the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done? Where is the motivation?  Where indeed.

So if this vision is so important, how do we develop one?  Well they come in many definitions.  Companies call them mission statements.  Some people call them goals.  I prefer to just say “Discover your passion and then chase it with all your might”.  If you are chasing a goal you are really passionate about two things happen.  One, it seems more like an adventure then work.  Who doesn’t like a good adventure?  We pay good money to read about them in books and to watch them on the silver screen.  The second thing is obstacles naturally turn into challenges.  We will not anything stop us!  So start your adventure now.  Write down your destination.  Begin to map it out and select your crew to assist you along the way.

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