This past Sunday Christians around the world celebrated Easter.  About a week before that, spring officially began.  Both of these are celebrations of rebirth, renewal and resurrection.  Whether you are honoring the resurrection of your chosen saviour or the rebirth of nature, let us draw inspiration from this.  Let us focus on the rebirth of our own spirit.  New years has come and gone, yet this time of year presents us with a unique opportunity.  As the we watch the weather warm, so let our hearts warm up to all that is love and joy in the world.  Let us resurrect our attitudes from the despair that can envelop us in a media driven world to one that inspires others.  Symbolism is a great reminder to help us stay on track (more on that tomorrow).  As we watch the snow melt, let us be reminded to melt the anger in our hearts as well.  As we watch the trees and flowers start to sprout and bloom.  Let a new spirit of joy blossom in us as well.  So by the time we reach the first day of summer our joy will be as powerful as the summer sun warming the hearts and spirits of others.  Helping their spirit of joy grow as well.

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