“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear”

-Rosa Parks

Now some of you has let me know you enjoy my blog, but say “that stuff doesn’t work in real life” Here is a prime example of a women who overcame not just her own challenges, but the challenges facing an entire nation.  Still think you can’t turn your life into one that is positive and rewarding both for yourself and those around you?  Having an end goal in mind and staying focused on that goal makes everything if not easier, at least bearable.  You make a mistake, fall down on the path to your goal? Get up, dust yourself off at get back at it!  It has been said airplanes on their way from point A to point B are off course a full 90% of the time.  Constantly making minor adjustments to correct changes in wind, currents, air pressure and a million other factors I know nothing about.  How, if they are off course so often do they arrive, usually close to on time, at their destination? The easy answer is ‘radar’.  True, but what good is technology if you do not have a clear destination?  So decide on your destination.  Develop that resolute purpose so demonstrated by Rosa Parks.  If one woman could challenge the thinking of a majority of an entire nation, we can certainly overcome our challenges!  like the airplane with its radar, we have an internal radar.  It is called our feelings and current state of mind.  Have you ever noticed when you are engaged in an activity designed to bring you closer to your goal that even if it appears not to be going so well at the moment it seems easier to stay focused?  So make a clear decision on a goal, write it down, find or draw a picture of it to hang in the bathroom mirror.  Whatever you have to do to keep it in your mind.  Then stay focused and marvel at the great things you will accomplish. Whenever doubt starts to creep in, just think of that single woman sitting on a bus and all that she conquered.

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