There are often two great challenges in forming a more positive attitude and lifestyle.  First, knowing what to change, much less how to change it.  Second, keeping motivated in a negative world.  A tool that goes a long way in addressing both of these concerns is a journal.  If you kept a diary when you were younger you are familiar with the concept.  A quick jot of your emotions on paper helps in so many ways. Not a fan of pen and paper? There are plenty of journaling software available. This idea was made popular by the TV show ‘sex in the city’.  writing, or typing, your thoughts down helps in several ways. One, it helps with achieving clarity.  Often when confused about what the right thing may be to do in a certain situation I journal about it. The answer doesn’t always jump out at me, but I usually leave knowing a little bit better where I stand. Two, it also helps see where negativity may be creeping in and what subjects you may not have the most pleasant outlook on.  Being that your journal is only intended to be read by you, feel free to be completely honest and you may discover what is holding you back from living life in a more positively passionate way, and how best to move forward.  Third, if you are a fan of going back and reading what you have written days, weeks, months or even years earlier it can be a great way to see how far you have come.  I must confess this is not a practice I often do, but when I do it seems comical to see what I may have considered an impossible problem 6 months ago that I may have forgotten about already.  It also helps me see how much more positive I have become or warns me that I may not be as positive as I should be.  Trust me when I tell you a journal can be the kindest and cheapest therapist you will ever Love.

One thought on “WRITE IT DOWN…

  1. My grandfather and my stepgrandmother and my father always would write everthing down day by day, when they passed on there were three journals, that we had to read about them, the things that we never knew, such a nice way to remember them.


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