One of the main complaints I hear when discussing how to make the lives of those around us, not to mention our own, more positive and rewarding is the effort it takes. After all, in this age of job uncertainty and just trying to ‘make ends meet’ who has the extra time to worry about happiness. My first response is usually to point out that focusing on surviving will keep you in a constant state of just barely getting by. After all it has been proven what we focus on is what we attract, so why not focus on your dreams? I do not wish to discount this concern though. During the holidays especially it can seem we have 25 hours worth of things scheduled in a day. So I am always on the lookout for ways to make achieving a positive life easier and almost automatic.  Here is something even better, this one can actually be fun! It’s something you can do with your spouse or even with the kids!So what exactly are vision boards?  Simply put, they are boards with images of your goals on them. They can be whatever kind of board you like. I’ve seen many great pin-up boards at Target, walmart not to mention all the crafting stores. If you are more of an online person there are also several vision board software programs out there. So first things first establish what kind of board you would like. The next step is where it becomes fun. Think of your goals, is it a new car? Find a picture of very car you want.  You can either purchase a car magazine or go online and print out a picture. The same holds true for a new house, dream vacation. Whatever your goal may be, find a picture that strikes an emotional cord with you. Now attach it to your board. How you choose to do this is entirely up to you. Say you would like a healthier body, find a picture of you when you had that body. If you never had the body, find a picture of the body you would like to have. It doesn’t even have to be pictures, although that is what is easiest for most people to associate. You can use anything that connects you with your dreams, song lyrics, poems, whatever your heart desires. Now place the board somewhere in your house you pass every day. I suggest taking 2-5 minutes at least twice a day to stare at your board and…get this..daydream! That’s right all you have to do is imagine yourself in that new home or with that new body. Attach as much emotion as you can to it. The best two times are first thing in the morning and last thing before you fall asleep. Try this for 30 days and see what happens! You can add to it, or change the pictures as your goals are achieved or change. This can be fun for children as well. Let them make their own vision boards and learn the power of their minds at an early age. Most important, this should be fun. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “VISION BOARDS

  1. I made a vision board once. It was fun making it. I didn’t get the things I was seeking….but I still liked looking at all the positive, happy things. I may have been a bit discouraged when I finally took it down & had not received any of my ‘happiness’ but what I have learned since then is that a person’s happiness may come from things other than what one thinks he/she really wants in life. My life has taken a new path, one I thought I would never travel, one I never even wanted….and I am now, happier than I have ever been! So keep an open mind & try new things. Happiness may come from something you never envisioned 😉


    1. Vision boards can be an interesting endeavor. Perhaps the emotional connection was not with some of your goals, or like you said you may just not have been as clear on what your heart truly desired. It was great how you pointed out that when trying to focus on the positive your joy may come where you least expect it. Sometimes I wonder if our heart may know more then our head. Keep smiling it looks amazing on you!


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