Another start to another week. Only 2 more left in the year. We talk a lot on this site about changing our perception about Monday. I think we should face it like a big event. Like an athlete preparing for a big game. Can you imagine going into that with your head hung low, Energy low, and dreading the day? Your opponent would love to see that! How about a musician before a big concert? Imagine watching your favorite band walking on stage the same way you walk into work on Monday? Would not get you very pumped for the show, would it?

Weather you wake up looking like our rockhopper penguin in the first picture, like I occasionally do, or you are fighting off the bug that is going around, like Margie and I are, you need to show up with your A game. When i trained people as bartenders, or even to work with the public with the post office, I always reminded them to come in with a smile on their face and energy in their spirit. Nobody, with the exception of your therapist, wants to see and hear your problems. Les Brown said it best – “80% of them don’t care and 20% are glad it is you.”

That is not to say you can’t confide in a trusted coworker about a situation that is troubling you, when given the opportunity. As you walk into work, everyone has the Monday blues. The last thing that is needed is to add one more sad soul to the mix. Come in with energy. That way, if Monday tries to knock you down, it will have to reach a lot higher

The million dollar question, how do you walk into the place that often sucks your soul with energy? Take a cue from professional wrestling. Yes, I did just say to take self-improvement advice from wrestling. Whenever a wrestler walks into the ring they have a song cranking throughout the stadium. Think of what song you would use if you were a wrestler. Crank it up in your car before your walk into work. As Dwayne “the rock” Johnson says, “just bring it!” Maybe watch a motivating clip on your phone before you walk in.

Here is one last Monday thought to keep in mind. I heard a millionaire CEO asked how he went from an entry level position to the top. His answer? “Walk in like you own the place long enough and soon you will.”

Share what you do that gets you pumped up on Monday morning.


Today is Monday! This doesn’t have to be a day to struggle. Look at the breakdown of the word Monday in the picture above. Just a little something to think about as we start the week. Tomorrow, we will look at more ways to keep our energy at a peak as the week goes on. Until then, feel free to share with us what you do to get fired up on a Monday.


Living a positive and rewarding life does not need to be overly complicated. These three steps can do a lot to transform our week. I suggest writing down the the words, enjoy, appreciate and cherish on an index card and carry them with you this week. Pull it out and look at it as often as you can. All yourself, “What am I enjoying? What am I appreciating? And What am I cherishing?” If the answer is no, that’s OK. Just begin to look for something to fill in the answer and have a great day!