This is one of my favorite childhood characters. Harold is a little boy who draws stories to life with his purple crayon. I remember asking my mom to read these over and over again to me which she must have hated because there is only one line on each page. In the stories if harold ever becomes lost, scared or in trouble he simply draws his way out of it.

Here is the funny thing, years later when I began to study law of attraction and self-improvement books I realized the great parallel. In life when we become scared, lost or find ourselves in situations we do not desire it is up to us to draw up a solution. Sure it might not be as easy as using a purple crayon, but it is up to us to create our own reality.

So when you are faced with challenges, remember harold and draw up your own solutions. Perhaps you could even use a purple crayon! You may even want to pick up a book by Crockett johnson.