Tonight my lady and I visited a traveling beer garden in a local park. What does this have to do with an amazing life? A lot. At this event there were people from all over the community. There was a local band and a local place serving snacks. It was a great way to connect with people in your community which is great for making friends and reducing crime. They were even drinking which made my humor more amusing. 

We hear all the time how neighborhoods are not like they used to be. How people don’t come together anymore. How people don’t feel a sense of community. The only way to change this is to start ourselves. This weekend look for events in your community. Meet your neighbors. Introduce yourself. Do your part to take back your neighborhood. 

Feel free to post events you enjoy attending and any other ideasyou may have for bringing a community together

Bucket of balls

English: Golf balls. Français : Des balles de ...
English: Golf balls. Français : Des balles de golf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golf balls, pebbles sand. Important stuff, sand small stuff

Here is a great story I read online the other day.

A professor took a bucket and filled it right to the top with golf balls. He then asked the class if the bucket was full. They all looked and agreed it was. The professor than took out a bag of pebbles and poured them in the bucket where they quickly filled the spaces between the golf balls. He then held up the bucket again and asked if it was full. The class, a little more hesitant, replied that it was. The professor again reached down to find a bag of sand which he carefully poured over the pebbles. The bucket quite heavy seemed it could hold no more. Then a cup of water was poured on top of the sand. The professor explained that the bucket represented a life. The golf balls were all the important things in life. Family, friends, health and one’s spiritual beliefs. The pebbles represented things that were a little less important, jobs, money, car and coworkers. The sand represented the small insignificant things in our life. The professor mentioned if our bucket was filled with sand there would be no room for the pebbles, and if we filled it with pebbles there would be no room for the golf balls. When one fills the bucket the way the professor did there is room for everything.

So what is the moral behind this story? Simply put, priorities.  We must first fill our lives with things that our important. How many of us know people who are totally committed to their work and seem to have no time for their family? Being hard-working is a noble quality to be sure, but it must be done in its place. How many people do we know that worry so much about politics or what their neighbor is doing or the local gossip that they seem to have no time for their own life? Are we guilty of this in our own lives? I would imagine the answer to be yes. I know I have been at times to be sure. The important thing to realize is what is sand, what is a pebble and what is a golf ball. So the question is not “Is your life full?” but “Is your life full of the right things?” It may be helpful to think of this analogy once in a while.