In past blogs I have discussed the importance of finding your passion and what a difference that will make in your life. I will discuss that very difference and how to accomplish it in tomorrow’s post, but for today let’s get started with step one. What exactly is your passion. If you were to ask most people what their passion is very few would even know. Fewer still are probably doing anything about it. Involving some kind of passion in our lives can add all sorts of wonderful things. joy quite simply of doing something you love. model trains? Airplanes? The study of quantum physics? Astrology? Everyone has a passion and should incorporate it into their lives. it also gives us something to look forward to during the work day, just try to stay focused or the boss may be displeased. It can supply us ideas for vacations. Extra income opportunities or places to spend our pocket-money that would bring us the most joy.

So the question still remains, how on earth do you discover your passion if you do not know what it is? Once you discover it how do you become passionate about it again. Then once you do, what then? The last part we will address in tomorrow’s post. To answer the first part let me tell you some ideas I heard in an interview with Peter Diamandis, author of the great book Abundance the Future is Better Than you Think Mr. Diamandis suggests thinking of what we enjoyed as a child. What did we love to do before we were convinced we couldn’t? Make a list of all of these. Did you want to be a race car driver? A fireman? President? list as many as you can. Now, the second one is more what I used, but if you combine them the results are even better. Think if someone gave you a billion dollars and said “change the world in any way you would like” what would you do with it? write down as many answers as you can for this one too. you should be able to see a pattern developing. Do all of your ideas involve adventure? Animals? helping people? Now you should be able to pick out a rough idea of your passion. write that down. Now how to feed that passion that we are so inspired we take action. Not just today, but consistently day after day. here is the way to do that. Begin to list why that certain thing excites you. Why is helping people something you are passionate about for example? This was brought to my attention by two amazing friends of mine Carmen and Alysa. I had begun trying to decipher my passion and my purpose in life. Reaching no life-altering revelations I decided to enjoy the benefits of a distilled beverage made from sugar cane, rum if you will. I went down to see my friend Alyssa where she works because not only do they have rum there, but Alysa’s smile can brighten your day so much you may be inspired. As luck would have it my amazing friend Carmen was there as well. The three of us struck up a conversation and Carmen mentioned she always felt happy when we got together. Alysa agreed and mentioned she wish there were more people like me. Let me tell you I was extremely flattered to be spoken so highly of by two amazing, not to mention beautiful women that it got me to thinking that I really did enjoy making people smile. Couple that with the experience I had at the meal program I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I decided that was my passion. Now what could I do with it. That we will discuss tomorrow. So play the fun game mentioned in today’s post. Use the tricks brought to us by Peter Diamandis. Discover that passion and get your desire for it red-hot. We’ll discuss what to do with that burning passion tomorrow!


Many people ask after reading this blog, “well what is the secret?” “How do I start living a positive rewarding life?”. First things first, there is no magic formula to wake up and start living a positive life.  In fact, I’m going to be honest it may take a week, maybe a month, maybe more.  The closest comparison I can draw is getting in shape or learning to play an instrument.  You don’t pick up the violin one time and suddenly become a master.  Neither do you go to the gym once and expect to be in shape for the rest of your life. Developing a positive attitude is a lifetime journey. Just like playing and instrument or becoming physically fit different ways may work for different people. Now before this starts to sound too much like work or just another challenge you may not have time for. Remember that the journey to a positive rewarding life, although a struggle, brings with it rewards of a far greater proportion than the effort it takes to obtain them. Not to mention they continue to compound on each other.  There are times people ask me, “ok how do I remain positive when ‘x’ happens?”  The answer to that is two-fold.  First, there are times when it is certainly ok not to be happy.  Nobody is happy all the time and nobody should be. There are moments in life that try our souls and make us cry.  Yet out of our sorrow we can even come to appreciate our joy more. The second part of that answer is that is a lifestyle change. When something goes wrong in our lives is not the time to start to be concerned with focusing on joy. Although I have seen tough times refocus some people.  No, the perfect time to begin our journey is today, right this very second. That way when tough times come, as they will, we can face them with a more hopeful spirit and a positive outlook.

falling off of a cliff

one interesting thing about living a positive and more rewarding life, and one you should be prepared to face once you venture on this path is challenges. Ironicly I am not speaking of lifes challenges to your positive spirit, although there is sure to be some of those, but people challenging the validity of being positive. At first this made no sense to me. Why would anyone not like a positive person? What is wrong with trying to live a life that is not only more self satisfying, but rewarding to others as well? We shall look to answer those questions and more in a future post, but I want to share with you an example of just such a situation that a coworker approached me with the other day. “what good is a positive attitude if it doesn’t change anything?” she asked me. “What do you mean?” the example she gave me seemed to shed light on one person’s view on the world. “Well, if a negative person and a positive person both fall off a cliff, will they not both hit the ground and die no matter what kind of attitude they have?” This is a good question. I think the answer may be found in the ‘life to years and not years to life’ paradigm. While it is true a positive attitude sure can help your longevity, my goal is to help you enjoy whatever time you have here, be it long or short. So what was the answer I gave this lady? Before I answer that, let me remind you of a very important lesson. People who disagree, challenge and maybe even mock or dislike you for trying to better yourself are more a reflection of themselves then of you. I know this thought may not help in the moment, but always look for the lesson. Are they forcing you to look at things a new way? Are they showing you why it is important to maintain a cherry disposition? Either way, be grateful for they are teachers wether they know it or not. My answer by the way, “Yes, they both will die, but who do you think will have more fun on the way down?” So remember, it is important to have fun every day, you never know what cliff may be around the corner!