Anyone who knows me knows that I find superstition to be a foolish endeavor. Do you really expect me to believe that because my path happens to cross that of a well-shaded feline that my day will suck? How about after a few shots of tequila, when I reach for the salt shaker and knock it over, that fortunes in my life will go south? Not likely. Now if I spilled the tequila, that’s a different story.

My problem with superstition is this – it is always negative. Some of you may ask why some of these hold true for you. Quick answer – law off attraction. What do I mean? Where we put our focus creates our reality. If an event occurs, such as accidentally walking under a ladder, we expect to have misfortune.

Even the date this post is written on, Saturday the 13th. Before you tell me that I made a mistake and it is Friday the 13th that is unlucky, let me ask you why? Have you never had anything good happen on Friday the 13th? I get paid on Fridays. I’m certainly not going to turn down a check if it is on the 13th. Again, if we expect something to go wrong on that day, we will be looking for it. Guess what? We will find it too. Because it is Friday the 13th? No. Because good and bad things happen every day.

My frustration with all of this gave me a great idea. Let us all create a positive superstition! They only have to make sense to us. Such as,”every time a blue car passes me, I’m about to meet someone friendly” or “whenever a see a star, I’ll be reminded of something to be grateful for. ”

These are no more real than the negative ones, but will at least have our minds looking for something positive instead of something negative. Using the part of our brain called the R.A.S, or reticular activating system, will prompt our subconscious mind to look for what we expect. Feel free to research the science behind it. It is the same way it works for the negative, only we are putting it to work for us instead of against us.

Next time you find yourself uttering some foolish line about bad things coming in three, stop right there and ask yourself how come good things don’t come in four or six for that matter? The truth is not in any superstition, it is in what we focus on. Let us create a positive superstition that will work to improve our lives. I want to hear yours. Be creative. What fun self-empowering superstition can we come up with?


  1. Wow, Awesome Thinking, I Definitely will do, so awesome. We know superstition was just made up and handed down to next generation, so let’s start a generation of positivity. Thank you Good Brother in Jesus Christ for awesome read


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