Yesterday was April Fools Day. Often, this day can leave people feeling belittled or, as the name of the holiday suggests, foolish. I think we should make April second, Random Kindness Day. Not just for those who might be suffering from an April Fools joke that might have hit a little deeper than intended, but from all of those carrying a burden.

We rarely, if ever, know the complete story behind someone’s tears or their smile. We should not have to. There is no such thing as a struggle free life for any of us. There is also no such thing as a person who couldn’t use a little more encouragement. This day, be a little extra kind to everyone you meet. You never know which one of us could use it the most.

On a side note, I’m currently in the country of Jamaica. A lot of people here live at or below the poverty level. If nothing else,I can offer them respect and encouragement. I want to leave each person I meet with a little more joy in their heart than before I came. Shouldn’t that be the goal for everyone of us?


  1. Yes that should be the goal for all of us. Regardless of where we are or what kind of people we come into contact with. You don’t know what type of day and/or life they may be dealing with. Like you said ” …no such thing as a struggle free life…” So a kind word or encouraging gesture could make all the difference in the world to them. Enjoy your time in Jamaica.

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