In a crazy work-a-day world, we can often lose ourselves. This weekend, I think we should not only get in touch with our true selves, but turn up the volume on all of the things that make us the amazing people we are.

How can we do that? Take some of the examples in the picture above. Turn up your magic! What does that even mean? We all have a certain magic inside us. This usually manifests as a gift we are naturally blessed with. Maybe we have a great singing voice? Then sing your heart out for all the world to hear! Maybe you enjoy creating art? Make a special gift for someone you love. Maybe you are great at cooking? Invite a friend over for dinner!

What about turning up your kindness? You could find so many ways to do this! Do you find joy in buying a coffee for the stranger behind you in line? Do that! Maybe your kindness is towards animals? Find ways to help our winged and 4-legged friends! Maybe your kindness is the ability to truly listen and allow someone to feel heard? That is such a precious gift!

How can you turn up gratitude? Look at the ideas in the pictures above and below. The more you can turn up your gratitude, the more your life will improve! That is a great bonus of gratitude. Those you express it to feel good, and so do you. It is definitely a win/win situation. For that reason alone, find as many ways to turn up the gratitude as you can this weekend!

Whatever wonderful traits make up you, I encourage you to express more of them this weekend! Remember to always be yourself. Originals are always worth more than copies.

2 thoughts on “TURN IT UP THIS WEEKEND! πŸͺ…

  1. The greates thing about being kind, giveing, or doing something nice for someone else is that you benifet from it yourself. Like you said a win/win situation.

    Lots of great suggestions and nicely laid out. Giving Thanksgiving cards. I’ve never knew there was such a thing. Cool idea though

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  2. I love this positive perspective and challenge to turn up our magic, kindness, and gratitude! It’s so important to take the time to nurture and express our unique gifts and qualities. I’m curious, what inspired you to write this post? And what are some specific examples of how you plan to turn up your magic, kindness, and gratitude this weekend?

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