Last post we celebrated my mother for her birthday. Here it is Valentine’s Day and I have yet another amazing woman in my life to celebrate! My beautiful (although she is not just beauty) lady Margie! We certainly did not come together in the usual way. If you are interested in that story, it will be in my upcoming fourth book which will be due out in late spring/early summer. We have faced our share of many up and downs! In many ways we are still learning each other. We both work extremely hard and sadly do not have as much time together as either of us would like.

Whether we are working hard together when we DJ, or separate when she is doing cakes and I am writing, we always support each other. We have learned to respect when one of us has reached their limit and have a balance of picking each other up when we are down. There are times when one of us may be tired or out of commission and the other has to pick up the slack. The one thing we both work hard on is our relationship. It may look like we have it all figured out on the outside, but there are countless hours of late night talks and discussions that lead to compromises and getting to know each other even deeper.

From the moment she first brought me a cup of coffee, (still one of my favorite pictures of her) to now when she occasionally joins me for one, I will never get tired of seeing that smile! She never fails to amaze me with how naturally beautiful she is. A beauty which seems to just come shining out her pores from within. Did I mention how much I love her smile? Simple times at home with her are some of my favorite times we share.

Although times at home are my favorite, we certainly have fun when we are out together. Even if it is a simple trip to the grocery store, we always make sure to share some laughter and more importantly, a lot of love. We share some of our favorite things together. We have both went to see people that we like in concert together. We love vacations together. We left the country and still saw several people we both knew. We are always up for new and exciting adventures!

She is about the only person who can get away with disturbing me when I am trying to sleep. Though she doesn’t really often do so on purpose. Still, anytime that we can spend in bed wrapped in each other’s arms we take advantage of. She likes it when I read to her. That way we not only both get some knowledge, but share in a moment of bonding. One of my favorite things that we do together. Sometimes we even just lay there talking about life and our dreams and goals.

It is Valentine’s Day today. Do not be one of those cynical souls who talk about this being a holiday for the greeting card companies. You do not need to do any material exchanges at all. Instead, celebrate that among all of the things that we choose to celebrate those that we love most. Yes, I am very aware this is something that we should celebrate every day. You never know what tomorrow brings. It is nice, however, to have a day that is set aside just to focus on Love. In a world where we all too often focus on negative things such as war or gossip, let us take today to focus on love and those we share it with. I am so happy I have someone so special to share my day with.

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