Where I live, there has not been a sunny day in weeks. For someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder, this can be a serious challenge. I am sure a lot of you in the northern hemisphere feel the same way. Those of you in the southern hemisphere…care to host a book signing?πŸ˜‰

Considering we cannot change the weather (trust me I’ve tried) I thought about what we can do to keep our spirits up during the cloudy weather πŸ€”. We have to not only bring our own sunshine, we have to be sunshine for others! That is what I am encouraging you all to do this week. Find ways you can be the sunshine for your friends family and even complete strangers!

How can we be sunshine for others? The possibilities are endless! We can post positive comments on other’s social media pages. We can send someone a card in the mail. Remember those? How about surprising someone with an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift? Paying a sincere compliment to someone helping you in a retail environment?

I would love to hear any suggestions you may have to bring sunshine to others. The more we share here, the more we can make the world a sunny place! 🌞

3 thoughts on “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE…🌞

  1. I think interaction helps us feel a sense of togetherness and purpose, which can help transition through anything. I do long for a little more visible light, to go with our inner sunshine though πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for your feedback! It was a bit of sunshine in my day today! I invite you to check out my podcast – Living the Dream with Neil Panosian. Thank you again for taking time to offer your comments on this post.

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