Here is the first of two ideas that were brought to my attention at work on Saturday. The ironic thing is that I do not normally work on Saturday, so these two conversations were a great twist of fate. The first one is courtesy of a wonderful lady named Linda. She happens to stop into the post office when I am working in the morning. Through the course of time we have got to know each other a little. Tragically, Linda’s son passed away. She told me something that I think reflects on the kind of person she is. While healing from her own grief, she had the thought that she wanted to keep both her son’s friend and girlfriend in her life. This is something that I think is a great benefit to both parties.

All too often, when someone dear to us passes away, we lose touch with those that were connected to us through them. Whether that is because it is too painful of a reminder to see them, or because our paths no longer cross. This is a loss on top of a loss. It may be painful at first to see those who shared life with your loved one, but you are going to think of them regardless. It would be helpful to have someone in your life who is sharing the pain of losing that same person. It is also helpful to have someone to share happy and funny memories with. What a great way to keep your loved one alive in your heart! You may even learn new and wonderful things from each other about the person you are both missing.

As an added bonus, I think this helps those you decide to keep in your life realize that they matter as people. That they were not just important to you because they were connected to the loved one you both lost. In that way, you are helping each other and, in my humble opinion, would make those who have passed on very happy.

You might be wondering how you can keep these people in your life without it being awkward? I am going to share with you how Linda did it, because I think it was truly genius. First, her son’s good friend and fishing buddy. She knew his birthday was coming out and reached out to him. She asked if he could take him out to lunch. I am sure that will be both a tough and healing moment for both of them. Sharing memories, tears, laughter but helping each other heal as well. Then, her son’s girlfriend. To lose someone and still be included in their mother’s life is something that must be so special. Linda is sharing my books with her. They are reading and talking about them with each other. Not only are they filled with ideas to both handle grief, but add joy to your life as well. Reading them is great, sharing them with someone else and talking about them only makes them more powerful.

Linda taught me a great lesson that day. It is so important to keep people in your life. Even, and especially, after a loss. The ironic thing about this conversation is that she normally does not come into the post office on Saturday, and I do not normally work on Saturday. Yet, here we both were to offer healing and enlightenment to each other. If you would like to get one of my books and share them with a friend or loved one in your life, feel free to check them out at the link below.


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