Is this not the million dollar question? How to have a great Monday? Most of us would settle for a Monday that does not suck. Why does Monday suck for most people? Well, for one, we have to return to work. We get less time with our families and friends. There is the morning and evening commute. It could be the fact that there are four more days just like this ahead. How can we possibly enjoy such a day? It is easier than you might think and I am going to show you how to do it right here. Whether you are reading this on a Monday or some other day, you can use what I am about to show you to transform your day to a more positive one. You can do this as soon as you finish reading this post.

All the facts about Monday we looked at in the first paragraph are true, but let me ask you this, what if you didn’t know it was Monday? Somehow someone stole your calendar, your date off your cell phone and every other indication as to what date is was? Would Monday suck as much? Before you think I am advocating to pretend that is not Monday as a solution, just stick with me. The point is by saying and focusing on the fact that it is “the worst day of the week” it only amplifies the feelings of stress and overwhelm we are feeling. The key word to turn that all around is found in that last sentence, can you guess which one it is?

That key word is focus, or it may be better stated, perspective. Let us take another look at our Monday obstacles. Be brave, this won’t hurt a bit. We have to return to work. This may not be our favorite place in the world, but there is a way to appreciate that more. Lose your job! If you really do not like where you work and you have not left it, there must be a reason. Does your job allow you to keep the lights on? Does it allow you to purchase gifts for those you love this holiday season? Perhaps you are saving up for a new car or a vacation (both in my case). Try to really picture what life would be like if you were unemployed. The stress of not being able to afford not only the finer things in life, but the basics. You know, food, shelter and clothing. Picture yourself going up to a homeless person and telling them how much you dislike Mondays and going into work. Feel a bit foolish? Focus on what your job gives you and the pain you would have if you did not have it.

Let us go through a few of the other items quickly. Less time with family and friends. Let me tell you to leave a warm bed with a hot lady in the middle of a cold Wisconsin winter at 4:30 in the morning is NOT the easiest thing to do. What it does do, however, is give me a chance to miss and appreciate my love. When you step back or are removed from a situation you love, you long to get back there. You realize everything you love about it. When you return, you appreciate those things even more. If you are missing your friends and family, ask yourself why. What is it you are missing about them? Then, feel grateful you have those things and make the most of the next chance to enjoy them. I not only do this with my tropical vacations, but I do it daily with the woman I love. It not only reminds me of what an amazing woman I have, but keeps our relationship loving and helps us never take each other for granted.

How about those awful commutes? They are an opportunity most of us never take advantage of. What do I mean by that? Try listening to an intriguing audiobook during your drive. How about this practice I wrote about in a previous post; try looking for things that make you happy? Things that you like? Here is a powerful one. As you drive, and keep your eyes on the road, look for things you are grateful for. Things such as that red light you are stuck at. Yes, the one that keeps you from being hit by drivers coming the other way. How about some of those planters in the islands we drive by without ever noticing them? Can’t see them due to snow? How about the fact that someone clears the roads so it is easier and safer for us to drive? How about the fact we have a vehicle or public transportation to use. Sure beats having to walk or hitch up a horse.

Four more days just like this? That is four days to listen to a great audiobook or motivational speech. Four days to think of the amazing reasons you miss your family and friends. Four days to find interesting things you are grateful for, or that make you happy, that you may have never noticed before. Sure, staying in that warm bed with my hot lady would be better than going out in weather animals hibernate from, but at least I am able to. This time last year I was preparing to have my heart operated on and wasn’t sure I would be here today. The fact that we get a Monday at all is a gift. Let us not overlook that fact. Does Monday really suck or is it our perspective that sucks? That could be the million dollar question.

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