I am an advocate of making lists. In my first two books, I discuss creating a happy Playlist of songs that put you in a good mood. How helpful to be able to just push play and positively affect your emotional state. You can expand this list to include other media that put you in a good mood such as movies, books, restaurants and even people. Having this list done ahead of time allows you to save valuable time and effort when you want to turn things around.

The same can be said of today’s list. What fires πŸ”₯ you up? What gets you motivated? When energy is lacking to you reach for another cup of coffee or energy drink? Do you turn up some fun music? Go for a walk in nature? What do you do to get your juices flowing? I suggest creating a list now so when your energy dips, there is no thinking you just grab your list and start implementing items to move your energy needle.

Lists are great because you can always add to and change them. They are always ready so there is no thinking involved. Have you ever tried to think of where you want to go eat right before dinner? Suddenly, all of those great places you wanted to try have left your head. If you would have had a list, you would have been set! What would be on your list of things that fire you up and get you motivated?

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