I know that most of you following this blog post are aware that I have started a podcast. Being that I had my own radio show for several years, and even my own television show for a short time, I thought it was a natural progression. What I allowed to get in my way was not being up to speed on the technology. I recall having coffee with my friend Nick and giving him the same excuses for the last couple of months. Being that Nick is a good friend, he looked me right in the eyes and called me out. “Isn’t this what you have been telling me four months now?” He was right. I needed to just jump in.

I still am figuring everything out. The podcasts are rough, but we already have 4 done. I am learning new things with each episode. You can see the email I received above. It is congratulating me on 10 plays. For someone who has a blog that has over 1700 posts and is followed in over 187 countries, this was a little humbling. After all, if I only got 10 views on my blog, I would be disappointed.

There are 2 things that I had to keep in mind. If I went back to 2012, when I began my blog, I believe I had 12 views the first 2 months. I was followed in one country…mine…by one person…my mom. To think I have over 32,000 followers now all across the globe. It has taken 10 years to get to that point. I had to remember to be patient. I also had to keep in mind my why for doing this podcast in the first place. The reason was to reach and help inspire many more people. In today’s world, there are plenty of people who would rather listen to a podcast for 30 minutes than read a blog for two. I should know, I live with one. There is nothing wrong with that. If I wanted to reach these people, I had to adapt. It would also allow me to reach people on a more personal level. Many have never heard my voice, or the inflection that adds to my writing.

I invite you to also check out my podcast at the link below. You will not only have another avenue to be inspired and learn tools and strategies to turn the life you have into the life you love, but may be able to do so at times that reading is not convenient. Check out and subscribe to the “Living the Dream with Neil Panosian” podcast at the link below. I would love your feedback as I continue to grow in this field as well.


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