Many of you who follow this blog, and most of you who know me personally, know that I am spending this week on vacation at the Wisconsin State Fair. It is something I do every year. It is a place that brings me a great deal of joy and I love sharing that with people in my life. Margie, my mother and I have had a blast so far this year! We have seen many friends and folks we only seem to run into this time of year.

Yesterday, was Crazy Grazin day, as they call it. What it amounts to, is that you can try smaller portions, or portions of different food items at reduced prices. This is good if you are on a budget, or if you are like me, you like to try new things. As with many things in my life, this got me thinking on how we can apply this principle to living an amazing life. Then, an idea so obvious just popped into my head. Take a sample day in your life! What on earth does this mean?

It certainly can be fun to try small amounts of new culinary dishes to discover new things you like. This can be done by going out with friends and splitting different dishes. This is about more than just food, however. I recall one of the things I enjoy doing the most, riding my bicycle. I did this a lot as a kid. Then, I got my driver’s license and stopped doing it for a while. I recall how I started back into it. I was at Target, Walmart or some other large chain store and thought to myself, “I should get back into bicycling. It is cheap and healthy.” I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 on a bike, a little more on things to go with it. Then I started bicycling again. The joy I felt as a kid came back and some weight I found as an adult went away! Then I discovered how much the world of bicycling had changed. At one point I owned a bicycle that was worth more than my car. It was ok, because at the time I was even biking to work a few days a week. The point is, I started out with a cheap bike and discovered how much I still enjoyed it before I went all in.

In your life, can you take a yoga class at the gym before investing in your own yoga mat, brick and whatever else one could spend money on in that arena? You can try to go for a run for a few weeks before purchasing expensive running shoes. You could do a paint and sip before buying a canvas and easel. Dip your toe in as many areas of life you can. There are always economical ways to discover your next great passion. I will be starting a podcast soon and have purchased some basic equipment. Once I learn what I am doing and discover if I like it, I may look to get more advanced stuff.

Do you have a story like my bicycle story where you have discovered a passion and went on to invest in it? Perhaps you are more in the podcasting phase and are investing in a new adventure right now? I would love to hear your story in the comments below!


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