Use some of this Sunday to relax and recharge. Starting the week with a fresh body certainly has its Advantages. Your ability to handle any stress the work week can throw at you will be increased. In the likely event responsibilities may cause you to sacrifice some sleep, you’ll be better off if you have rested during the weekend. Even your immune system will be stronger!

All of this seems pretty obvious. What about relaxing and recharging your spirit? This is equally, if not more, important. What can you do to take on the week with a relaxed and recharged mind and spirit? Personally, I spend some time alone in meditation or even some sacred silence. Your mind is usually going 100 miles a minute during the week, give it a break on Sunday.

My Sunday to Monday is always a bit rough. Margie and I get home from our DJ gig at 2am, and my alarm for the post office goes off at 4:45am. To account for this, I make sure to get as much physical and mental relaxation as I can. What do you do to relax and recharge your mind, body and spirit?

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