Your vibe attracts your tribe.  This is a very interesting statement. It can be found on some of the most intense law of attraction and self-improvement websites. Do you know where else it can be found? On the playgrounds and in the classrooms of even the earliest years of school. You see as children we know if you would like to be around positive people you have to emulate some of what they do. Yet as adults we seem to forget that. We complain about the negative people we are around and how much they ruin our day. We are jealous of all the fit people we see, but seldom inquire about any of their training tips.

So here is my simple tip for today. Be who you are trying to be. That may sound silly but if you change your vibe, your mind and body will follow. It is almost a ‘fake it until you make it’ way of thinking. What you are doing is deciding what kind of person you want to be, or even be surrounded by and then asking yourself these all important questions, “What would that person that I want to be say?”” What would they eat?” “How would this person think?” “What would they think about?” “How would they treat others?” If you come up with answers start being that person. Soon the reality and the friends and connections will show up to support you. If you cannot find answers to these questions then it is time to model. Not take a walk down the runway, but watch somebody who has the group of friends you would like to have or the position or spouse you would like to have. Then incorporate some of what works for them into your life.

Notice I said ‘incorporate’. This does not mean copy. If this person makes people laugh, then you should use your own sense of humor to do the same, or maybe even develop one. Do they always seem to dress well? Maybe it is time to update your wardrobe. Are there certain phrases they use? Just remember you may have to work a little to convince your mind you would like to emit a new vibe. Pay attention to what kind of feelings you are giving off. Maybe inquire with a few close trusted friends to ask what kind of vibe you give off. I think I will conclude here and do just that.

Feel free to share any thoughts you have on the statement – your vibe attracts your tribe – and how it has worked in your life. Also, as always feel free to share this post!

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