This is a quote from Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest women in the world. In a day when we stop to give thanks she certainly has a lot to be thankful for. Before you start with feelings of jealousy or envy you may want to research her story. I’ll spare you the details but tell you she didn’t always have it all.
So what does this have to do with you and I? Are we saying here of you are grateful you will be as rich as Oprah? Yes and no. I cannot promise you the money, although that may very well come, but i can promise a feeling of wealth if you develop an attitude of gratitude.  How do you do this?
Here is a very powerful exercise i share at my seminar. It will literally change your life in a major way in a short time.  I know because i owe the turn around on my own life a great deal to this very practice. It is simple but extremely powerful.
Here it goes. Get a pen and paper and write five things you are grateful for and why. Ten sentences. Then read those ten sentences before you go to bed and first thing in the morning.  Takes all of 3 minutes at the most. Not too hard so far right? Here is where the magic happens. Everyday write one more thing you are grateful for and why. Then continue to read your list before bed and first thing in the morning. This does two very interesting things. One, it keeps you focused on what is working on your life and two, it trains your brain to be on the lookout for things to be grateful for. Do this for three weeks. Even take the
weekends off if you like. I promise you after three weeks your life will never be the same! I invite you to share your results in the comments below


  1. Sounds like a great exercise. It’s sort of in line with stating affirmations that God says about us and His promises. Of this is much harder to do when you don’t see it currently in the natural realm but it does work.

    I totally would recommend your suggestion not only for me but for others that are finding it difficult to call out those positive affirmations when they are hurting. I have my days too even as evangelist and lifecoach but I always give my all to glorify GOD irrespective of a good or bad day.

    Great post. Abundant blessings Emma

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