An interesting fact I seem to run into time and time again is the close relationship between the “Law of Attraction” and living a positive rewarding life.  Not to surprising as attracting the life we desire would certainly lead us to be happy.  For those of you not very well versed in what the law of attraction may be, here is the most basic, nuts and bolts of the matter.  basically that what we focus on and how we feel, the thoughts we send out to the universe influences the situation we find ourselves in.  This has been, in some form or another, been put forth by almost every great thinker and spiritual leader throughout time.  The formula for using this law to our advantage is ‘ask, believe, receive’ this was made popular in the movie and book “The Secret“.  Well, I do not have a problem asking and always enjoy receiving, but like many of you until I see something I have a problem believing it.  Faith, well it has not always been my strong point.  Earl Nightingale put it this way, “Your rewards will always be in direct proportion to your service”  Well, even though I endeavour to serve people to the best of my ability be it at the post office, the bar or in life in general I still had problems accepting that all this ‘good karma’ would come back.  Ok, maybe I understood it intellectually, but couldn’t really grasp it emotionally.  That is until today.  I was watching a film with the famed Author Napoleon Hill.  The man who wrote the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” back in 1937.  He put it in such a way that helped me better understand faith, service and how that all comes together.  He used the metaphor of the farmer.  In the spring the farmer must purchase seeds, till the land, plant the seed and take care of them.  Up to this point, not only has the farmer not made any profit he is actually in the hole for his time and the price of the seeds.  Then, he sits back, let sunshine, rain and mother nature take her course.  Along with some work by the farmer to maintain the soil.  Then after a few weeks the seeds sprout, and blossom and the farmer is returned the only the seed money but several times that.  The key was first he had to put in the investment, plant the seed and do the service.  Then he had to sit back and wait.  Confident his returns would come.  This is not the first, nor the last time I am sure to learn a lesson from a farmer.

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