Ok, so you have decided to start the journey to a positive and rewarding life.  That’s great, but do you realize how important it is as well?  Let me explain.  I know several people who have hard time making decisions mostly out of fear of making the wrong one.  Not only does this lead to inaction and an inability to move your life forward, but it comes at the cost of one of your greatest assets.  Making a decision actually liberates us from lots of stress and worry as to whether or not we are doing the right thing, or on the right path.  Let us take the decision to bring more joy into our lives.  If we make that choice with clear conviction a great deal of our life becomes clear.  Simple test, take any situation in your life, is it making you happy?  If the answer is no it tells you that situation, as it presently stands, will not work in your life.  If the answer is yes, that is an area of your life you should try to grow.  Not only that, but knowing the ‘end game’ allows us to stay focused when the inevitable challenges show up.  If a ship is knocked of course by a storm,  it does not give up and head back to port.  No, it adjusts its course and continues on.  We must be like a ship when the storms of life come calling.  If we find ourselves without joy, we must adjust our course and set sail as soon as possible.  The further we get off course the longer it takes to get back.  So remember to know your destination, have it firmly fixed in your mind. (writing it down may not be such a bad idea either) If you don’t know where you’re heading, you will never get there.

If you make the decision to live a life with more joy and love, you will be amazed at the power you will have over your life.  When life tries to get you down just repeat to yourself “I am determined to live a life of inner peace and joy” or whatever words strike your fancy. Make the decision, that is the first step. The rest is just figuring out how to make it work.

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